Photo by Yancey Allison


RL BOYCE began his Blues odyssey on drums at age 15. First recorded at a family picnic SEP. 4, 1970 by famed Folklorist Dr. David Evans. RL accompanied his Uncle Otha Turner’s Rising Stars Fife and Drum Band and never stopped.

Photo by Cheryl Thurber 1970

In 2018 RL BOYCE’s sophomore release Roll & Tumble was nominated for a GRAMMY, for Best Traditional Blues Album. His newest release BOOGIE w/ RL BOYCE Live has been nominated for a Blues Foundation, Blues Music Award for Best Traditional Blues Album 2022.


RL don’t play no Rock&Roll, he plays his own style, HillCounty Boogie. Nobody today can play RL’s style. No One.
RL BOYCE is a Living HillCountry Blues Legend. RL lives the Blues he plays. RL’s music comes from his heart. Life as a Mississippi Bluesman is a hard life. RL has been playing, singing, and living the Blues for 50 years. He is an American treasure.
RL BOYCE PICNIC is organized by RL BOYCE & Company, a grassroots group dedicated to the education, and preservation of an American Folk Art called The Blues. In its fifth year, we ditched the big contrived rock festival for an unfiltered authentic intimate atmosphere, a Black Mississippi Family Picnic and juke joint jam all night long.
Other activities offered this year are an all day music Hill Country Blues workshop, educational visual exhibit, and guided HillCountry Blues tour.

The myth, the man, the legend RL BOYCE PICNIC is supported by Mt. Zion Memorial Fund, a long established nonprofit which dedicates countless hours, and a good hunk of change to research, locate, and maintain graves of many great Mississippi Blues musicians.
Come meet the myth. Learn from the legend. RL invites YOU, n U, AND YOU to hang out with the Big Blues Mane in Como, MS. A priceless opportunity for those who DARE to learn, and gain a new understanding of what it means to play the Blues.

Blues Marker in Downtown Como, MS.
Lonnie, Ed, and GD Young filmed by Alan Lomax 1959